Hurricane Damage Lawyer in Miami

Highly Experienced North Miami Beach Lawyers Holding Insurance Companies to Their Obligations After Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes are a common occurrence in Florida. However, despite warnings and the best of preparations, every hurricane season brings different types of damage to homes and properties in the area. Locals lose billions of dollars to hurricanes every year.

Florida property owners purchase hurricane insurance to protect themselves against the damaging impacts of the storms. After the storm abates, every holder of hurricane insurance expects their insurance company to pay hurricane damage claims, but that’s not always the case.

If your insurance company refuses to pay for property damage due to hurricanes, we can help. At the Law Office of Dean M. Gettis, we have more than 32 years of experience helping hurricane insurance policyholders receive fair compensation.

Different Ways Insurance Companies Try to Deny Coverage

Insurance companies looking to avoid paying compensation to you after you suffer hurricane damage can do all or some of the following:

  • Attempting to dissuade you from working with an attorney
  • Delaying or frustrating the claims process
  • Offering you lower estimates, payments, and payout sums
  • Denying the extent of your insurance coverage

Schedule a consultation to discuss your case if your insurance provider engages in any of the above tactics.

What to Do After Hurricane Damage

You can file the following types of insurance claims after your property sustains hurricane damage:

Homeowners Insurance Claim

Homeowners insurance provides coverage for a wide range of damage, including:

  • Wind damage to your roofs, windows, and doors
  • Water damage due to roof leaks or damage to a property’s exterior and interior

You can file a claim with your insurance provider if you spot any of the above types of damage (and others covered in the insurance policy) after a hurricane.

Flood Insurance Claim

A standard home insurance policy will not provide cover against flood damage. Therefore, homeowners in North Miami Beach need to purchase a federal flood policy or private flood insurance.

If you have flood insurance in place and your property suffers flood damage in a hurricane, you can file a claim immediately after the event.

Vehicle Insurance Claims

Storm surges can blow tree branches, roof tiles, and power posts onto your car, boat, or camper van. You can file an insurance claim with your vehicle insurance provider if any of these vehicles suffered damage during a hurricane.

Business Insurance Claim

If you hold a business insurance policy, you can file claims seeking to recover lost business revenue or property damage after a hurricane.

The key to filing successful insurance claims is ensuring you understand your policy coverage. That way, it’s harder for insurance companies to dodge their responsibilities to you.

Factors That May Affect Insurance Payouts

Even with the right insurance policy, you may receive far lower compensation than you applied for. Some of the factors that may cause this include the following:

  • Coverage limits. Insurance policies have coverage limits, and yours may not be enough to cover the full extent of the damage.
  • Coverage provisions. Insurance policies differ in the degree of coverage they provide. For example, your home insurance policy may only offer roof damage cover as an addition.
  • Failure to document damages. Without proper documentation, an insurance company may deny claims. 
  • Bad-faith acting. An insurance company can deny a claim without a valid reason.


Choose The North Miami Hurricane Damage Lawyers You Can Trust

You paid a lot of money to protect your home from natural disasters through an insurance policy, and it’s your right to request the full value of the protection when a hurricane hits.

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