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Our Property Damage Lawyers Provide Assistance With Your Property Damage Claim to Increase Your Chances of Receiving the Maximum Payout.

Homes in North Miami Beach and other parts of Florida are at risk of damage due to adverse weather conditions. Thus, most homeowners and businesses secure property insurance to ensure adequate protection.

However, as some people have found out in the past, some insurance companies often do all they can to wiggle out of paying even the minimum limit on property damage claims.

Property owners often have to seek legal help to get the insurance companies to comply with the insurance contract terms.

At the Law Office of Dean M. Gettis, we have over 32 years of experience helping homeowners and businesses navigate property damage claims against their insurance companies. Our attorneys give maximum attention to each case, fighting to protect your interests every step of the way.

Types of Property Damage Claims We Handle in North Miami Beach

Our clients call us for property damage claims after experiencing the following:

Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes pose a significant threat to property owners in Miami. Florida is the state with the highest risk of storm surge in the U.S. Most of the costliest hurricanes in U.S. history have affected the state.

Thus, homeowners and businesses will most likely experience hurricane damage at some point.


Properties in coastal areas such as Miami are at risk of flooding. Thus, most homeowners in the area have insurance coverage against floods. You should remember that standard homeowner’s policies do not cover flood damage.

Flood coverage comes through private insurance providers or the federal National Flood Insurance Program.

Roof Damage

The harsh weather in North Miami Beach means that roofs are often vulnerable. Damage to the roof can cause significant property loss due to water damage.

Pipe Damage

Older homes in Miami feature cast iron pipes. Due to the chemical composition of the pipes, they can erode, causing extensive water damage to a property because the problem may remain hidden for a long time.

Fire Damage

Fires are highly destructive, damaging property and causing significant bodily injury to anyone in the vicinity. Thus, it’s no surprise that fire damage leads to high-dollar value insurance claims. Over five dozen fire outbreaks occur in North Miami Beach per year.

Wind Damage

Wind damage is likely when storms and hurricanes hit. Many home insurance policies cover this type of damage, but providers often include significant limitations.

If you need help filing claims for any of the above types of damage as a property owner in North Miami Beach, contact the Law Office of Dean M. Gettis.


Responsibility for Property Damage Explained

The individual responsible for the property damage depends on the cause of the property damage.

  • An unauthorized visitor who causes damage to your property is responsible for damage as a trespasser.
  • The insurance company is responsible for the property damage if a third party did not cause the property damage.
  • A subcontractor or contractor who fails to adhere to documented standards of quality is responsible for property damage (and perhaps bodily injury liability) if their substandard work leads to future damage.

Do you need help determining who is responsible for damage to your property? Our Miami property damage attorneys can help. 

After determining who is responsible, we can help you assess the total losses. For an accurate representation of the losses, you should include the cost of the following:

  • Damaged personal effects
  • Interior repairs (such as painting, replacing furniture, and flooring, assuming flooding or fire damage)
  • Repairing unattached structures (such as sheds or fences)
  • Repairs to the physical structure (usually your house or boat)

The total you arrive at as the cost of repair is the sum you’ll seek to receive in compensation during claim recovery. In cases where a third party is responsible for the damage, you’ll need to chase compensation through the courts.

If your insurance provider is responsible for the property damage, you must file a claim first. You can take legal action against the insurance provider if they try to shirk their responsibilities to you as stipulated in your insurance contract.

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Property damage can lead to accidents and make your living conditions more difficult, making it imperative to take urgent action to repair the damage.

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